Red Robin

Whenever I am craving burgers, the first place I think of is Red Robin’s. I always go there for the burgers and unlimited steak fries! It’s probably not the best idea to be writing a food post at midnight.. I am feeling the midnight munchies coming on!

Everytime I go to Red Robin’s for dinner, it is always packed. I usually have to wait for around 10 minutes for a table to clear up. I don’t mind waiting though. I think the food is well worth the wait! This restaurant is always loud and bustling with activity. It’s a nice place to go when it’s game night. (I went to watch one of the Canucks playoff games there. It was fun to cheer along with everyone!)

I always order the same drink at RR’s: freckled lemonade.

Freckled lemonade: Lemonade with crushed strawberries inside.

It’s a bottomless drink with unlimited refills. The sweet strawberries blend together really well with the tangy lemonade. I like this drink very much!

Next, the burgers. My favorite burger is the Whiskey River BBQ:

Whiskey River BBQ Burger with endless steak fries

A close-up:

Close-up of the Whiskey River BBQ

The crispy onion straws and BBQ sauce is what makes this popular burger so delicious.

Their number one burger though is the Royal Red Robin Burger:

Royal Red Robin Burger

This number one gourmet burger is topped off with a fried egg: the perfect finish to this delicious creation!

My sister’s favourite is the Gourmet Cheeseburger:

Gourmet Cheeseburger with Cheddar

They let you choose from a variety of different cheeses: cheddar, swiss, mozzarella…

Also, if you do not want to eat the fries, you can replace it with a salad instead! They have many different types of salad as well as salad dressings.

If you go on your birthday, you can get a free burger as well! :) A free sundae is also included if you let them sing you the Red Robin birthday song.

Overall I thought that the service was friendly and the food came really fast. I always leave here full and satisfied!

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