Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant

I am craving dim sum again.. The last one I went to is Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant on Kingsway. The place was crowded when I got there so I was pretty excited. Since there were so many people, this restaurant was bound to have something good about it.

I liked how they used pushcarts to wheel the food around. A lot of restaurants don’t use pushcarts anymore, for fear that food would not be fresh. However at this restaurant, that is certainly not a problem. The turnover for food is very fast!

Overall the service here was pretty good for a large busy restaurant such as Dai Tung. There was a large variety of different dim sum’s and I would definitely come back again. Inexpensive and delicious!

Let’s look at the food:

Panfried dumplings

I didn’t have any of this dumpling. The next time I looked, it was all gone. But I think there was meat and chives inside.


This one is my favorite dim sum~ Sorry for not giving the English name for it.. Mainly because it’s so hard to translate a lot of these dishes into English. This is basically shrimp wrapped around glutinous rice flour, with sweet soy sauce poured over it.

Cow Tendons

Yes, it might sound disgusting to eat cow tendons for some of you out there, but it tastes really good! Apparently it’s good for the skin? Keeps your skin nice and bouncy. :)


This delicious dish is made up of a flaky pastry exterior and a sweet meat interior.

Chicken Feet

My mom’s favorite!

Shanghai Style Steamed Buns

Shanghai style steamed buns: Very thin skin filled with flavourful meat and hot soup, with vinegar to dip! It’s not the best Shanghai steamed buns, but it’s what you’ll expect from a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t specialize in Shanghai style food.


This dish is duck feet. It’s a cold dish and it’s more like an appetizer. This one was also very good! The duck feet were nice and chewy.

Shrimp Dumplings

Yum~ Another winner!


Another classic dim sum dish. Fluffy and soft exterior made from rice flour and sweet meat inside.

Mango Pudding

Dessert time! I was looking for steamed cake but I didn’t see any.

Salad Spring Rolls

A spring roll shell filled with mayonnaise and shrimp. It was a bit too oily for my taste. In general, I don’t really like spring rolls that much. It was nice to try something new though!
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2 thoughts on “Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant

  1. L says:

    I’m never gonna eat 腸粉 again = = Last time I checked the calories on a prepackaged pack in the supermarket and I freaked out over how much calories there are.

    But I LUUUURRVVVV cow tendons = = I’m craving this so badly.

    I like chicken feet but it’s too troublesome so usually I don’t eat it unless I’m at home or something and I’ll eat like 6-7 at once LOL If I’m going to get my hands dirty then might as well consume more at once :P

    I actually don’t like xiao long bao that much… I hate how it always burns me & then I can’t taste anything else after getting burned LOL I don’t usually drink its soup anyways just to avoid the heat & also trying to lower the calories…

    I will only eat de-boned duck feet. Love that stuff.

    Shrimp dumplings I will always order :) When they make it nicely it’s awesome otherwise it’s really gross.

    I hate 叉燒包 :P

    My dad loooooves spring rolls but it’s so oily inside & out… I will only eat it when it’s freshly made and the outside is crispy & it doesn’t look as oily yet. MAYO o_O

    • I totally agree with you on the xiao long bao part. I get burned too but that’s why I am very careful when I eat it now. :P

      I don’t think I’ve ever had de-boned duck feet before but yes it was very good!!

      Where do you want to go on Friday?

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