On Thursday I went to Chicco with A, M and J after eating some very yummy Korean food at Chungdam Ahn! (I will write about that in my next post)

Chicco is a Japanese coffee and dessert bar located at 1504 Robson St. Vancouver.

Chicco Cafe

There aren’t many tables and chairs in the small cafe. The maximum capacity is around 15 people so there is a minimum order of 1 order per person if you want to eat-in. There are many cute wall decorations and art displays made from clay plates and cups which makes the interior decoration quite unique. They also sell handmade clay cups and plates created by Japanese artists.

Interesting art work on the wall

I shared a green tea parfait with A. I didn’t want to order anything else since a parfait is more than enough for the two of us after a very big dinner.. However, due to the minimum order requirement, I had to order an iced coffee. It was too cold to be eating a parfait outside.. M got a royal milk tea and J got a medium latte. I think aside from the price, I will like this place a lot! $7.50 for a parfait is a bit expensive in my opinion.. It did taste very good though.

Green Tea Parfait $7.50

The green tea parfait came with green tea cheese cake, green tea ice cream, a couple of rice cakes, sweet red bean, whipped cream, green tea jelly, corn flakes, vanilla ice cream and sponge cake. (In the order that they are presented in the parfait)

My favorite was the vanilla ice cream and corn flakes layer. The salty flakes go really well with the sweet ice cream! However, the sponge cake layer was very dry.. The moisture in the parfait did not blend together really well. It was hard to get everything mixed together.

There are things about Chicco that I like and things I do not. All in all, I would say that Chicco parfaits are delicious but for the price that you are paying for, it can only be a once-in-awhile indulgence. It would be even better if they can lower their price just a bit and expand the store. I prefer places where the minimum order is a certain $ per person instead of one entire order per person.

Chicco on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Chicco

  1. SarahBear says:

    I went there before~ It’s definitely too expensive, I make it at home now.

    When I went it was some time super late at night and there was no one there, but the people kept insisting that everyone in our group needed to buy something because there’s so few seats. But we argued that since there’s no one besides us, that rule makes no sense. So 2/5 of us ordered. Then one person came in and the cashier ran to us and said we had to order since another person came in… but then the person left without buying anything =_=… Then we finished eating and chatted and they told us to get out when we’re done =_______= Never going back there again >_<

    • Oh wow.. O_O they actually did that? That’s horrible.. I hate that too. The price and minimum order. Don’t think I’ll be going back either.. That’s smart though, to make it at home. I’ll try that next time :)

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