I recently looked back at pictures taken this past summer when I was back in Taiwan. Time really goes by too fast.. It seemed like only yesterday that I was doing the things I did.

Each picture brought back a memory.

All were happy but with a hint of sadness too.

I think nostalgia can describe my bittersweet feelings.

A sudden storm

This picture was taken at my uncle’s house. Grandma, sis and I have just returned from a shopping trip when the sky suddenly opened and the storm came. Even though grandma’s house was only five minutes away, we had to stay here temporarily until the rain stopped.

The rain cooled the boiling heat of Taiwan’s summer and offered temporary relief.

Listening to the sound of the pouring rain and feeling the cool wind on my face.

The smell of hot cement that had been parched of any moisture for so many weeks.

The storm stopped as suddenly as it had came.

I relive the memories.


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