Prettia Hair Dye

I have always wanted to dye my hair since I find black hair to be so boring and ordinary.. My favorite hair colour is definitely brown. However, I have never found the perfect hair dye that can transform black hair into brown. Most commercially sold products on the market here in Vancouver are for lighter shades of hair and I can never find one that is specially made for people with black hair… until sis introduced me to Prettia.

So during Chinese new year, while my mom was visiting from Taiwan, we decided to get some Prettia hair dye and try it out. We bought a box of “Glossy Brown” prettia hair dye from Crystal Mall, although we originally wanted to try the “Marshmallow Brown”. Sadly that one was out of stock since it is a really popular colour. Prettia can also be found in T&T supermarket and the Japanese convenience store downtown (on Robson).

Prettia (Glossy Brown)

The instructions are in Japanese which is very inconvenient if you don’t understand the language.. no English instructions were given, so we relied on sis who has some basic Japanese knowledge to do the honour of translating the instructions written on the box.

Japanese instructions

What's in the box

So, since we only bought one box of dye, only sis can dye her hair this time around. I’ll dye mine in the summer. She can be the guinea pig (just kidding :P).

Here is her hair before dyeing with Prettia:

Before dyeing

So, here is how you dye your hair with Prettia hair dye:

1. Pour solution 1 into solution 2. Then mix well. (DO NOT shake vigorously, rather just invert the bottle 4 to 5 times and they will be mixed)

2. Change the cap to the nozzle. Squeeze the center of the bottle to squeeze out the foam.

3. Apply the foam onto dry hair. Try to not rub the foam into the scalp. Cover all the hair with the foam.

4. Leave the foam on for 20-30 minutes, then rinse off and wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.

5. Condition the hair with the moisturizer provided in the box. This condition can be left in and does not need to be washed off.

Here is a picture of my sis’ hair after using Prettia:

After dyeing

The hair dye turned out pretty nicely~ The smell of ammonia wasn’t as strong in Prettia as some other brands that I’ve used before (Ex. Garnier). It actually has quite a floral scent to it. The best part about Prettia is that it’s a foam dye, so it does not drip all over the place.

Hope this tutorial helped. Happy Valentine’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Prettia Hair Dye

  1. CARISSA G. says:

    Deff gonna buy glossy brown:) Is your sister’s hair, before dyeing it with prettia, Is virgin black? Thanks a lot and very nice review:-)

  2. Mei says:

    Wow! I’ve been searching numerous reviews for this product. Your pictures are so clear and the post was extremely informative. I do have a few questions I hope you could answer.

    Was the hair covered with plastic wrap or a shower cap after the foam lathering process?

    Did you girls apply the foam at the roots or the tips first?

    If you were to leave the product in for a longer amount of time (45 – 50 minutes), do you think the end result would be lighter?

    Did the dye noticeably irritate the scalp?

    Anyway, your sister’s hair looks beautiful ^^~thanks for the review

    • Thank you for your very nice comment, Mei! :)

      And to answer your questions:

      No, the hair was not covered with a shower cap after the lathering process. It did not drip at all so we didn’t really find the need to do so.

      We applied the foam like you would brush your hair: from root to tip.

      And if the hair dye was left in for a longer amount of time, I do believe that the colour will be slightly lighter! That is what we plan to do next time as well~

      And no, the dye did not irritate the scalp because we avoided getting too much on the scalp (wasn’t hard to do since it wasn’t runny!).

      Good luck and if you do dye your hair, I would love to hear how it went~!

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