A Craving for Poutine


NY Fries' Poutine

Term 1 is almost over~ Only 2 more weeks remaining! Then finals..

I should be preparing for my lab tomorrow but I am slacking right now. I have been craving poutine for the longest time. I had the one from the Burger Shack at UBC last week.. sadly it only slightly resembled the real thing. They used shredded cheese instead of cheese curds. : ( I want cheese curds~ Frankly speaking, I think I am addicted to cheese.

I can’t believe I actually went through with one entire year of biochemistry last year. I am so glad that I switched out of that major and gone into animal biology instead. I mean.. what was I even thinking when I chose “Biochemistry” instead of “Biology” as one of my top 3 major choices at the end of first year? The reason why I chose to study science in the first place is for the animals. Now that I am doing something that I have a passion for, school has become so enjoyable! Let’s just hope that my grades will be able to reflect that too..


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