Strawberry Season

今天感覺很開心。 早上考了期末考,現在正式得放暑假了~ :) 希望考個高分,明年能進動物系。

爸爸昨天買了2大盒的草莓。 已經是草莓季了嗎? 我想去Richmond摘草莓。 去年夏天8月多的時候有摘藍莓,其實我也想摘櫻桃,可是附近好像都沒有櫻桃果園。 (最近的聽説是在Maple Ridge?)

反正講到草莓,想要跟大家分享一件事~ 草莓又甜又好吃。 大家都喜歡吃;連蟲蟲也愛。 所以農藥很多! (謝謝媽咪給的Info~)


今天的陽光真溫暖~ Everybody having fun? :D


9 thoughts on “Strawberry Season

  1. your lovy! says:

    oh really??!!
    After reading your strawberry blog, my MOM’s already excited to go pick up some BERRIES…

  2. westernink says:

    Mmmm strawberries. I just had some yesterday! SO GOOD. I like strawberries in cereal as well. =) We actually grew strawberries in our garden many years ago, but we were stupid – we grew them right into the soil! They were bug-infested and disgusting =( I heard that strawberries should be grown in a pot or hanging from a hook or something. I think I’ve been strawberry picking once in my life – my family usually goes blueberry picking in Richmond, but we haven’t done that in a while.

    • Oo~ Strawberries in cereal! Never had that before~ I have mine with yogurt sometimes : ) That’s also really good.
      Once upon a time we had strawberries in our garden too. But they were sour so I never ate them. XD

  3. Zephia says:

    Well.. i don’t know about.. berry picking.. not really my thing…


    why cold water? HOLY MOLY i take off the top when I soak it :( but i do that only after i soak it with the leaves for awhile will that be ok? :((((

    • Why cold water? Just because I like to eat my strawberries cold XD Although diffusion would happen faster in warm water.
      And yep yep~ I think it’s okay to remove the leaf when you are soaking them the second time around with clean water. I always remove them right before I eat them though : )

      • Zephia says:

        I like to remove alllll the leaves and stem and stuff and then enjoy them~~ :) I’m the only person in the family that does that though. But I like it~ I don’t have to take off the stem everytime I eat one.

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