Doggy Love

A few days ago Sarah and I went to Ivy’s house to play with her doggies. They were so cute and friendly! When we walked in the front door, Pocky and Gilbert started barking like crazy, but Pocky calmed down quite quickly. Gilbert was still very hyper though. I really wonder why dogs like licking human hands so much? I don’t mind dog saliva since I’m not allergic to them. (Although I heard that some people are?!) Dog saliva actually has healing properties too!! They have antibodies or something like that. I remember back when I was younger, somebody told me that if I let a dog lick my wound it would heal faster. That sounded both cool and kind of scary to me!!


Here is a picture of Pocky! He knows how to sit and has a very calm nature. I thought his fur was crimped at first, but it turns out to be his natural wavy hair! So soft~! Like a lamb.


And here is Gilbert~ He has an extremely hyperactive nature. I think he might have ADHD!! For those who don’t know, that means Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder. He can’t sit still and even when he must stay in one place, he would turn in circles again and again and again~ Like when Sarah went to the washroom, Gilbert turned in circles in the same spot until she came back. At first I found him to be a bit intimidating because he loves to pounce and lick my hand and clothes and everywhere, but after a while he calmed down and turned into a little gentleman! (like the one you see in the picture)

People say that a dog is a man’s best friend. I want a dog in the future too if I can give enough attention and devote enough time to it. It will be a very sad feeling though when the dog dies. I guess it’s like that with all relationships. If it is really worth it to feel extreme happiness during the relationship, but immense sadness when it’s all over? I guess it is. It’s just too bad that the sadness can’t come first, then the happiness. I am personally a big fan of happy endings~


8 thoughts on “Doggy Love

  1. Sarah says:

    Awww your post was so deep/cute/happy all at the same time XD

    Pocky and Gilbert are soo cute, but I don’t like dogs licking at me at all… too scared to into their play area >_<;;

  2. I think you would get infection if a dog leak your wound though… no quite agree on that theory. Maybe I should try!!

    I am a fan of happy ending, but I guess it depends on how you think stuff. Sometimes seeing something dying or seeing something end could be, well not to say, happy, but give you another new direction and new start. If a animal or organism dies peacefully or with accompany of others, we should be happy. If a relationship ends with a good reason or even bad one, it means there’s gonna be a new start!
    So yeah~~!! Everything can end in happy ending, just depends on how you think of it! <3

  3. westernink says:

    Aww, it’s so nice that you made a post about Pocky and Gilbert! They got their haircuts yesterday too, I wish it was earlier so that you could have seen them in all of their cuteness. =P

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