Once I was walking around in downtown Vancouver with my sister and a friend when we suddenly came across H-mart.

I have never heard about that place before but my sister did. Apparently it’s a korean grocery store/shopping centre.

Downstairs they sold cute little trinkets (jewelery, stationary, etc..) and that was what really caught my attention to enter the store in the first place. There was also a small bakery off to the side as well. They had really pretty cakes and delicious looking breads.

Upstairs is the actual H-mart. I’m not exactly sure if the downstairs store is a part of H-mart? I’ll need to check up on that the next time I go.

I thought that the whole place was quite interesting at first, mostly because there was a bakery right beside a jewelery/stationary store. You don’t see those side-by-side everyday within the same store. H-mart itself was also quite interesting. They sold food and items, mostly Korean, and had a small food court within the mart too.

In the end we bought some cute cellphone hangs. See the pictures below~ If I have the material, I want to attempt at making some of them. I think that it will be a fun project!

My bunny doll : )

(I really like the material that the dolls are made of. I think that this plastic leather material feels better than cloth and doesn’t get dirty as easily. ^^ They sold fabric ones too but I didn’t pick those. They were still really cute though! They all were.)

Sister's bear


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