Beard Papa Cream Puffs

I enjoy baking with my sister, and although we don’t bake that often these days, we never fail when we bake cream puffs.

I didn’t know cream puffs could be that easy to make! It just requires a lot of eggs, and a lot of whipping. (The electric blender solves that problem)

Anyway, 我今天不是想來講自己的baking skills,那個我改天再聊。 今天我想要介紹Beard Papa的日式泡芙。

Official 英文網





What’s really special is their custard filling. 泡芙殼,說真的,誰都能做。 難的是裏面的custard。


4 thoughts on “Beard Papa Cream Puffs

  1. But the filling is gooood =) So fat for you <33 delish~ I WANNA GOBBLE UP TEN ALL BY MYSELF :) ALL DIFF FLAVOURS. That would be heaven~
    Aww we should bake together more often! Baking alone takes too long to prep and clean up :(

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