Photo of the Day


Hiyoko, a Japanese Snack

Wondering what the photo in my profile picture is? It’s a Japanese snack food called ひよ子 (Hiyoko). It can only be bought in Japan as far as I know, so it’s a popular tourist food that people bring back from Japan for family and friends.

Hiyoko Official Site (Japanese)

The centre consists of a sweet pale yellow coloured bean curd type of filling surrounded by a sweet soft shell. Not only is its appearance super adorable, but it tastes really good with milk too! 這一種點心應該是要配茶一起吃的,可是我喜歡喝牛奶。 有機會的話一定要嘗一嘗這可愛又好吃的日本菓子。


This post was from my previous blog (on blogspot). I must get back to studying  for my biology midterm now. (Note to self: Must stop slacking..)


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