D+ Natural Yeast Bread

Another entry from my old blog on D+ natural yeast bread.

D+ Natural Yeast Bread

This interesting looking bread is a D plus natural yeast bread. Why is it called D plus? In Japanese, the D is pronounced “day”. So it’s a “day plus” bread. This bread is well known for having a long shelf life and can last days beyond other breads. I thought that was really interesting and after further research by my sister, she told me that it can apparently have a long shelf life with no added preservatives because of the special way that it is prepared. Also, every bread comes with a green pad known as an “alcohol pad”. This is also supposed to help extend its shelf life.

D+ alcohol pad

So the flavor that my sister and I got was chocolate. The other 2 flavors available were red bean and cheese. On the official D+ website, there are 8 available flavors. In addition to the ones already mentioned, there is Hokkaido cream, maple, melon, blueberry and pumpkin.

The bread tasted extremely soft and smelled a bit yeasty when we first opened the package. The taste of chocolate was also really light, marbled delicately into the bread itself. All in all I must say.. the Japanese really know how to make a good yeast bread!



6 thoughts on “D+ Natural Yeast Bread

  1. your lovy! says:

    so guess you really like JP’s food!!
    hahaha!! :)
    okok, got it got it!
    Have you tried a desert store in DT before??
    Maybe I should bring you there another day!!

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